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“I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks” Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

Thank You!
There are two reasons I set up Bespoke Radio: one of them was a desire to be in control of my own destiny – that oft-quoted motive for anyone setting up their own business. But the other reason was that having made a whole bunch of Bespoke Radio shows for friends and family over the years, I knew how much the recipients had valued these unusual, unique gifts.

Imagine a present which proves how much friends and family love you. A gift which in its very creation is proof to somebody that they are THE most important thing in your life. A gift which can involve everyone in the family, even if they are in a different town or country. Each Bespoke Radio show is created from scratch using information which is relevant only to the recipient and their nearest and dearest, and that’s why they are valued so highly by those who purchase, and give them.

In the last fortnight, we’ve been fulfilling orders from our Groupon deal which ran before Christmas. And it’s one of the most telling aspects of how much value is placed in a Bespoke Radio show that 92 percent of people who have received a show have emailed us (without us asking them to!) to tell us how their gift had gone down. Frankly, blowing our own trumpet isn’t something we do enough of so I thought I’d let you see what real people have been saying about our products over the last fortnight. Oh, and unlike some companies, all our testimonials are 100 percent genuine!

“Hi Jamie. Mum could barely speak for tears when she heard her show -  she was completely overwhelmed. She said it was so professional that she kept thinking the whole country was listening to it! It really was fantastic. We had a big family reunion yesterday which ended with us all listening to the show together. You should have heard us all laughing at Dad’s message as he failed to get even close to remembering the number of years they had known each other! Then there was a lot of singing and dancing to The Beatles and “In My Liverpool Home”! I appreciated the way you added thoughtful touches here and there like the Mars advert, it made the programme flow so well. The jingles/background music you used worked really well too. The gift has been SUCH a hit, they play it to everyone who comes round (and that’s a lot of people)! They all say how professional it is and what a great idea. I hope this produces more very well deserved business for you.” Denise, London

“Jamie, Just want to say thank you so much – I can’t wait till it’s his birthday and I can give him this gift. It is really amazing – I laughed and I cried listening to it remembering things and it’s not even for me! Thanks so much. It’s perfect and I will definitely use your service again.” Alison, Livingston

“Hi Jamie, I just wanted to say thank you for the CD… I couldn’t wait until our anniversary to listen to it so we listened to it last night and it was great! It brought both laughter and tears to our eyes and I am sure that it will be a great memory jogger in a few years time. Thank you very much, we would both certainly recommend Bespoke Radio in the future.” Emma, Edinburgh

“Hello Jamie, Just to let you know about the show: We loved it! My dad was very happy and excited, singing along with every song. Big compliment also on some things you added for example the sentence “Maybe this would be a good duet…..” and then playing Nancy Sinatra as this is in fact the song we are singing most together! I am really happy with what you did and will definitely contact you again should I find another person to do it for.” Mandy, London


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  2. Rob says:

    Bravo – couldn’t agree more. The Bespoke Radio show I got was absolutely fantastic. I gave it to my brother as a Christmas present and even he (who works in radio himself) was overwhelmed by it. He thought it sounded even better than the shows he is involved with! So a great testament to Bespoke Radio!! I’ll definitely be ordering again….

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