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Win a Personalised Radio Show Worth £109 By Inventing A New Radio Feature.

Uncle Sam on behalf of Bespoke Radio

I’ve often wondered whether it was just me who pretended to be on the radio as a kid. I remember getting a dual cassette deck and radio for Christmas one year which had the previously un-dreamt of capability of being able to record! Naturally my brothers and I set about recording our best efforts as DEE JAYS, between dubbed versions of A-Ha songs and jingles recorded off of Radio 1!

A few years later my brother bought one of those cheap microphones which transmitted a low power signal which could be picked up by an actual radio. We used to thrill at the prospect of someone driving by the house and picking up our pirate radio station. The fact that the signal only stretched about 20 metres outside of the front door only made the illicit venture all the more exciting. Part of the role-play was running features which our non-existent but no less passionate listeners would enjoy. Guess the Intro, Mystery Years (it was always 1986 because we only had Now 7!), Is It Mince Tonight (in which we’d report back from the kitchen as to whether Mum was doing shepherd’s pie AGAIN.)

I suspect that this sort of DJ-play isn’t unusual for those of us who subsequently went into radio. I’ve often wondered though if it prevailed in other houses where the kids weren’t fascinated with the idea of talking between records and giving away fabulous amounts of cash for guessing the ‘Mystery Voice’!

So, although we can’t give you £10,000 for calling us the next time we play the cue to call, we can offer you this: A Bespoke Radio show worth £109 to give as a gift to whoever you like. You tell us the songs they like and you provide us with some funny stories about them for our presenter to include in the show. We’ll then record the whole thing with professional jingles and features and even a voicemail from you saying hello to the recipient. Oh, and we promise it won’t include Is It Mince Tonight!

To win, just invent a new radio feature. Imagine you had your own radio show and had to come up with a new feature to fill a few minutes. What would it be? If we like it enough we might even include it in future Bespoke Radio shows. Entries in the comments below, on our Facebook page or via @bespokeradio on Twitter. Happy Radio-ing People!!

PS. Closing date is 28th February 2011. Ta.

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